All You Wanted To Know About Different Types Of Hotels In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city famous by the name of Old City has a history that dates back almost 500 years. It is a city of many famous ancient buildings, historical monuments and beautiful temples, which makes it a keenly sought after tourist destination in India as well. In order to meet the accommodation requirements of a huge number of travelers, the city makes available numerous hotels that cater to people belonging to different sections of society with warm hospitality and an excellent range of services.

The City of Nawabs or the City of Pearls, Hyderabad is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located on the on the banks of the Musi River that is in the Deccan Plateau in south India. Today, the city is ranked as the fourth most populated city of India, where nearly 6.8 million people reside in the city area and there are 7.7 million residents in its metropolitan area. Basically, the city is famous for its Nawabi culture, Hyderabadi pearls, popular Hyderabadi biryani and a rich tradition as well. Now the city has emerged as a major hub for the growing Information Technology industry in India. Being known for numerous reasons, Hyderabad is visited by a large number of travelers throughout the year. For their suitable accommodation, there are plenty of hotels in Hyderabad that are easily available at different locations of the city.

The city of Hyderabad is abounded by a large number of hotels all over the city. These hotels range from the luxurious 7 stars, 5 star hotels and resorts to the budgetary 4 star, 3 star and 2 star hotels. Among these the luxurious hotels are basically meant to cater to the people belonging to the upper sections of society. On the other hand, the budgetary hotels are the preferred option of the budget travelers who are not willing to spend too much money on their accommodation. All these hotels are easily available at different locations of the city and assure a comfortable staying experience for the visitors.

Apart from being a major spot for various tourists, the city of Hyderabad has also grown as a major center for various Information Technology industrial set ups. This has resulted in the arrival of various corporate sector travelers and other affluent class people in the city. To meet the accommodation requirements of this section of people, there are plenty of luxurious hotels in Hyderabad that cater to their guest with an excellent range of ultramodern facilities. These include diverse cuisine restaurants, access to high-speed internet, air conditioned rooms, TV connection in the room, direct dial telephone, swimming pool, gymnasium, beauty salon, spa, banquet halls, business facilities, meeting rooms, currency exchange, doctors on call, safe deposit, car rental facility, car parking area, airport transfer and many other amenities.

The other major type of hotels in Hyderabad is the budgetary hotels that are preferred by the people belonging to the budget class or the ones who are not willing to spend too much money on their accommodation facilities. For welcoming such type of people with qualitative accommodation services, plenty of services are offered by these hotels as well. Some of these include access to high speed internet, AC and non AC rooms, coffee and tea machines in the rooms, complimentary breakfast, 24 hour room service, laundry service, conference facilities and car parking area, safe deposit and other such amenities as well.

To search for any of these hotels, the internet is the best medium these days. While searching them on the internet you may come across the websites of different hotels in Hyderabad. All you need to do is go through these websites and their details about the hotels, their location, range of facilities and more. Then according to your budget and requirements, you can book your hotel room in any of the hotels that your prefer staying in.

basic information for tirupati darshan – Balaji Temple Darshan

Situated on the 7th height of the Tirumala hill- Venkatachala, the temple of Tirupati is a magnificent and prodigious structure, a phenomenal instance of historic sculpture and carvings. Additionally it is a extremely popular Hindu temple. Tirumala Tirupati is visited by approach of approximately 50,000 folks on a standard basis and about one million in festive season. The temple is believed to be the house of Lord Venkateshwara and has completed sanctity in Hindu religion. The antiquity of the temple is that it has abundant variety of stories connected to it and dates again to 5th century A.D.


Tirupati Balaji is among the many sacred Hindu Temple contained in the state of Andhra Pradesh, committed to Lord Venkateshwara. The Height on which the temple is situated is called Venkatachalam. The Tirupati Balaji temple would be the richest temple now not simply in India but in regards to the Planet.


Some of the visited holy places in India, in addition to being a wonderful vacation spot for the Hindus throughout the sector, Tirupati is an ancient place. It finds mention within the Sangam literature during which it’s mentioned as Thiruvengadam. The Puranas additionally mention Tirupati.


The city of Tirupati has seven hills that seem like a snake from the top with the final of the seven hills looking like the hood of a snake through which the Temple of Tirumala–also known as Tirupati Balaji Temple and Sri Venkateswara Temple– is situated for which Tirupati is well-known throughout the world.

The Temple of Tirumala is the richest temple in the world and is in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It attracts thousands and thousands of pilgrims and devotees from all round the global who come right here for a darshan of the Lord, Srinivas, also called Balaji (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu).


Sri Venkateswara Temple is positioned on the foothills of the Tirumala Hills–additionally known as the Seven Hills (the Domicile of the Lord Venkateswara). Maybe, that’s why the Lord at Tirupati can be referred to as Edu Kondala Vada (Lord of the Seven Hills).

The lord Balaji is very highly effective and affords wishes come true if one depends on the god and trusts with excellent worshipness…



There are numerous hotels in Tirupati catering to the thousands and thousands of vacationers who flock to get the Darshan of Lord Balaji and search his blessings. Tirupati accommodations vary from modest funds lodges to the luxurious accommodations that provide every consolation you’ll be able to wish for.


Haridwar, Udaipur And Coimbatore Info About Attractions And Hotels

This article lays down an account of 3 popular tourist destinations in India in Haridwar, Udaipur and Coimbatore. Information is provided on the major attractions and travel deals which ensure hassle-free booking of Haridwar hotels, Udaipur hotels and Coimbatore hotels.

Haridwar is a massively popular spiritual destination which is flocked by travelers and salvation-seekers from all over the planet. Right from the devout Hindu pilgrims to the wise sages to foreigners, you can bump into all kinds of people here. The town known for its pious Ganga ghats and the religious temples is situated in the heart of Uttarakhand in northern India. The town appears to be crowded because of the surge of humanity from various pockets of the country. However, there are enough rooms in Haridwar hotels to accommodate this rabble of visitors.

Haridwars biggest attraction is the ghat of Har Ki Pauri. This place is sprinkled with holiness and will make you feel as if you are standing in the abode of God. The sunrise witnesses the morning bath taken by hundreds on the Ganga. It is believed that a dip in the holy waters of the Ganga can wash away all the sins committed in your lifetime. The sunset, on the other hand, witnesses the visually stimulating ritual of Ganga aarti and floating of earthen lamps on the river.

Another must-visit place in the town is the Mansa Devi Temple. The temple is located atop a hill and one can also access it via ropeway. It is believed that this is a wish-granting temple. You can make a wish before the Goddess Mansa who will fulfill it in due course of time.

Haridwar hotels come in various forms (from deluxe ones to the budget ones) to help you settle down comfortably. Some recommended names include Hotel Classic Residency, Sagar Ganga Resort and Hotel Arjun.

Another great Indian destination is Udaipur, the land of lakes, palaces & forts in the state of Rajasthan. It was once ruled by the royal rulers of the north and now serves as one of the most regal, luxurious and romantic destinations on the globe. Udaipur hotels spell class and sophistication. This is the city which draws not just commoners but also celebs because of its historical legacy, nostalgic charms and haveli-turned-hotels.

Amongst the chief attractions of the town, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Jag Mandir Palace and Saheliyon ki Bari are noteworthy. This is one city which will truly blur the gap between the past and the present, as you are flown into the old bygone world of Rajputs.

Udaipur can be visited anytime during the year though the autumn-spring season is preferable. The luxurious Udaipur hotels include names like Taj Lake Palace, Devigarh Resort and Udai Villas.

If you want to wade into a smaller town which is beautifully landscaped and has its unique culture, then head to the city of Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India. It has a number of sightseeing attractions including temples, hills, lakes and parks. Prominent ones include Black Thunder, Koniamman Temple, Maruthamalai Murugan Temple, Nilgiri Hills and Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Coimbatore hotels come in a wide range to suit your budget. CAG Pride hotel (mid-range), Park Plaza (luxury) and Legends Inn (budget) are some notable Coimbatore hotels where you can drop in.

Hotels In Delhi At Considerable Rates Book Now!

Delhi the asset of India is full of life and the city has a very rich civilization, architectural and historical inheritance. It is a flawless convergence of traditions and modernity. Delhi is the 3rd largest city on the earth; it is famous for marvelous forts, European style government buildings built during British Raj, the skyscrapers, effervescent nightlife and dynamic markets. Delhi is the axis of political administration and a house to many transnational companies. It is a significant administration, commerce and tourist destination.

Delhi is a frequently visited city in India. It has an exceptional dining and accommodation choices to cater the needs of the tourists. There are abundant hotels in Delhi offering immaculate services, amicable warmth and lavish accommodation. Hotels in Delhi can be classified as luxury hotels, resorts, eco-friendly hotels, three star hotels, five star hotels and budget hotels.

The luxury and five star hotels in Delhi provide state-of-the-art services and outstanding accommodation harnessed with all business amenities. The hotels in Delhi provide an ideal base for budget tourists and backpackers to travel around the city. Delhi also has a large number of hotels at cheaper rates, which are well accoutered with all latest amenities and catering to the demands of travelers visiting the city.

These hotels in Delhi are a yardstick in the hospitality industry. Delhi hotels offer soothe and amenities of world-class standards complemented with unmatched luxury. The hotels in Delhi offer outstanding wining and dining options and you may easily find your desired international cuisine. The rooms of these Inns are very homely. The hotels in Delhi are accoutered with all the amenities to make your stay a comfy and memorable one. Delhi hotels leave no stone unturned to make you feel at home although being away from home.

Delhi has a large number of International chains operating and providing their assistance to the tourists. Most of the prominent hotels are based in New Delhi. Apart from finest accommodation and food, the hotels in Delhi offer you many additional amenities such as Spa, swimming pool, fitness center business facilities, and car rentals. These hotels are perfectly placed at strategic points.

The list of hotels in Delhi can be found on various websites and you can book a room online. The booking can be made through email or phone.Harry is the author of Delhi hotels that gives complete information on online hotel reservation for hotels from budget to five star hotels.

Information Of Hotel Industry Laws In India – Part2

Tax benefits/ incentives.
.Current projections in budget.

Hotel Industry in India currently has supply of 110,000 rooms and there is a shortage of 150,000 rooms fueling hotel room rates across India. According to estimates demand is going to exceed supply by at least 100% over the next 2 years. To overcome, this shortage Indian hotel industry is adding about 60,000 quality rooms, currently in different stages of planning and development, which should be ready by 2012.

Indias hotel industry comprises of four main categories star hotels, heritage hotels, budget hotels and unclassified hotels. It is expected that the budget and mid-market hotel segment will witness huge growth and expansion while the luxury segment will continue to perform extremely well over the next few years.

It is forecasted to be the number 3 market in the world by 2015 for hospitality and tourism.

The industry is growing at a very rapid pace and there is a demand for more rooms both in metros and smaller towns.

In short, the Indian hospitality industry is poised for tremendous growth as the demand-supply imbalance has prompted several national and international hotel companies to focus their energies towards expansion in India. The next few years will thus witness the opening of several hotels in India.

Regulatory policy

The Ministry of Tourism is the nodal authority & along Dept. of Tourism it is responsible policies promotion & regulation of hospitality industry particular hotels.

The following are the some of important guidelines issued by the Dept. of Tourism.

.Approval of Hotels at Project Stage and Classification & Reclassification of Hotels.
.Guidelines for Classification of Heritage Hotels.
.Time Share Resorts (TSR).
.Stand Alone Restaurants
.Guidelines for apartment hotels.
.Guidelines for approval of Guest Houses.

FDI in this sector is permitted up to 100 per cent on the automatic route. For foreign technology agreements, automatic approval is granted if:-

.Up to 3 per cent of the capital cost of the project is proposed to be paid for technical and consultancy services.

.Up to 3 per cent of the net turnover is payable for franchising and marketing/publicity fee, and

.Up to 10 per cent of gross operating profit is payable for management fee, including incentive fee.


Tax incentives under the current Budget

.Five year holiday from income tax being granted to two, three or four star hotels established in specified districts having UNESCO-declared ‘World Heritage Sites’; the hotel should be constructed and start functioning during the period April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2013.

.FBT exempted on crche, employee sports, guest houses facilities.

.No specific projections for this sector under the Current Budget.


The thriving economy and increased business opportunities especially growth in the tourism in India have acted as a boon for Indian hotel industry.

The future scenario of Indian hotel industry looks extremely rosy. It is expected that the budget and mid-market hotel segment will witness huge growth and expansion while the luxury segment will continue to perform extremely well over the next few years.