Haridwar, Udaipur And Coimbatore Info About Attractions And Hotels

This article lays down an account of 3 popular tourist destinations in India in Haridwar, Udaipur and Coimbatore. Information is provided on the major attractions and travel deals which ensure hassle-free booking of Haridwar hotels, Udaipur hotels and Coimbatore hotels.

Haridwar is a massively popular spiritual destination which is flocked by travelers and salvation-seekers from all over the planet. Right from the devout Hindu pilgrims to the wise sages to foreigners, you can bump into all kinds of people here. The town known for its pious Ganga ghats and the religious temples is situated in the heart of Uttarakhand in northern India. The town appears to be crowded because of the surge of humanity from various pockets of the country. However, there are enough rooms in Haridwar hotels to accommodate this rabble of visitors.

Haridwars biggest attraction is the ghat of Har Ki Pauri. This place is sprinkled with holiness and will make you feel as if you are standing in the abode of God. The sunrise witnesses the morning bath taken by hundreds on the Ganga. It is believed that a dip in the holy waters of the Ganga can wash away all the sins committed in your lifetime. The sunset, on the other hand, witnesses the visually stimulating ritual of Ganga aarti and floating of earthen lamps on the river.

Another must-visit place in the town is the Mansa Devi Temple. The temple is located atop a hill and one can also access it via ropeway. It is believed that this is a wish-granting temple. You can make a wish before the Goddess Mansa who will fulfill it in due course of time.

Haridwar hotels come in various forms (from deluxe ones to the budget ones) to help you settle down comfortably. Some recommended names include Hotel Classic Residency, Sagar Ganga Resort and Hotel Arjun.

Another great Indian destination is Udaipur, the land of lakes, palaces & forts in the state of Rajasthan. It was once ruled by the royal rulers of the north and now serves as one of the most regal, luxurious and romantic destinations on the globe. Udaipur hotels spell class and sophistication. This is the city which draws not just commoners but also celebs because of its historical legacy, nostalgic charms and haveli-turned-hotels.

Amongst the chief attractions of the town, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Jag Mandir Palace and Saheliyon ki Bari are noteworthy. This is one city which will truly blur the gap between the past and the present, as you are flown into the old bygone world of Rajputs.

Udaipur can be visited anytime during the year though the autumn-spring season is preferable. The luxurious Udaipur hotels include names like Taj Lake Palace, Devigarh Resort and Udai Villas.

If you want to wade into a smaller town which is beautifully landscaped and has its unique culture, then head to the city of Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India. It has a number of sightseeing attractions including temples, hills, lakes and parks. Prominent ones include Black Thunder, Koniamman Temple, Maruthamalai Murugan Temple, Nilgiri Hills and Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Coimbatore hotels come in a wide range to suit your budget. CAG Pride hotel (mid-range), Park Plaza (luxury) and Legends Inn (budget) are some notable Coimbatore hotels where you can drop in.

Measuring Efficiency With Hotel Management Indicator

Hotel managers have the heavy task of supervising the entire hotel which includes a great deal of activities including hotel administration, marketing, accounts, housekeeping, and management of food and beverage, catering and preservation and front office supervision. With all the tasks assigned to you, you will definitely need all the help you can get from your employees as well as the hotel management tools that you can find. Among those that can aid you here is the hotel management indicator. This is better known as the hotel KPI or the key performance indicator, which assists managers in determining which processes are doing well and which are not. Aside from that, this keeps track of the efficiency of the employees, the behavior of the customers and the productivity of the hospitality business.

The hotel business world is a competitive arena so you cannot afford to let your guard down. One day, your rivals might come up with an idea that will take your clients away from you. Thus, you should always put your best foot forward especially when making decisions. You cannot make the right choices if you do not have the information wherein you will be basing your judgments upon. This is why you need the hotel management indicator.

There are hundreds and thousands of manage hotel performance indicators that you can use as of today. Depending upon your goals, your main focus and your strategy, you should be able to narrow down the number of your hotel KPI into five or less. This way, it will be easier for you to monitor the health of your company through the use of the hotel management indicator. For instance, if your main goal is to measure the efficiency of your hotel revenue management scheme, you can utilize indicators such as the REVPAR (room revenue per available room), the total revenue per available room or TREVPAR, the total profit per customer, the gross operating profit for every available room, the REVPAM which is also known as the revenue acquired from conference and banqueting per available square meter and REVPASH that pertains to the revenue from the food and beverage for every available seat and hour.

Now if your main concern is the staff or the employment, there are a number of manage hotel performance indicators that you can exploit including the percentage of wage cost, the percentage of the total labor cost, the total labor hours and the sick days of leave taken by the employees. Another example is when you have an onsite restaurant. You can use hotel management indicator like the total sales for every customers, the number of customers per day, the seating efficiency, the basket analysis and even the strike rate.

The results that you have obtained upon monitoring the performance of your hotel through the use of the KPIs can be used to make smart decisions. You can also utilize them to improve your performance and avoid problems in the future because of early detection. Compete in this cutthroat hotel business world with the confidence that will aid you in vying for reputation and prominence.

Best Pattaya Hotels With Spas

Since Thai massages are famous all over the world, staying at Pattaya hotels with good spas will help you make the most of your days. After a tiring day out in the sun or a day on your feet sightseeing and shopping, you can let the masseuse work away the kinks from your muscles to feel rejuvenated enough to go out and party at night. While there are many Pattaya hotels that offer spa services, some of them stand out because of the relaxing ambience and the superior service quality. Here is a look at some of the best Pattaya hotels with spas that offer traditional Thai massages and other treatments.

Dusit Thani
Located by the sea, Dusit Thani is one of the Pattaya hotels with an award winning spa Devarana, which means garden in heaven. Set in the midst of a tropical garden with a waterfall and an indoor pool, the atmosphere is relaxing from the time you enter the spa reception area. Besides traditional Thai treatments, the spa also has modern therapies such as scrubs, wraps and a spa menu for healthy cuisine.

Marriot Resort & Spa
Although its popularity among the Pattaya hotels is primarily due to its proximity to the main attractions on the beach road, the Royal Garden spa at the resort is also a major draw for tourists. Set in lush tropical landscaping, guests have the option of getting treatments in outdoor pavilions or indoor treatment rooms.

Sheraton Pattaya
The Sheraton is a favourite with families among Pattaya hotels because its three swimming pools make it a big hit with children. However, the Amburaya Spa at the resort is also another attraction with over thirty different traditional and contemporary treatments on offer with relaxing views of the tropical greenery.

Royal Cliff
This is one of the award winning Pattaya hotels that is popular with dignitaries, including the Royal Thai family. The Cliff Spa at the hotel, which has centres at the hotel wing and the adjoining suites complex offers fantastic views over the Gulf of Thailand. There are 18 treatment suites where a wide range of services such as facials, scrubs, wraps and massages are offered. In addition, there is also a Spa Caf.

Siam Bayshore
This property is well known among Pattaya hotels for the acres of lush tropical greenery. The Lotus Spa of Siam, the resorts treatment centre, is set amidst relaxing greenery and water bodies filled with lotus blossoms. It offers several treatment packages that are guaranteed to pamper the body and soul.

While the best Pattaya hotels with spas are mostly luxury resorts, you will also find smaller boutique hotels with spas where you can try aromatherapy or traditional Thai massages. There are even some day spas in the malls where you can book an appointment for a treatment session. While this might be a good option for getting a quick foot massage in between shopping sprees, staying at one of the word class Pattaya hotels with spas can be a memorable experience.

What amenities are standard in Orlando hotels

The Orlando area has more than 400 local Orlando hotels. Each one offers a range of amenities to secure a comfortable and convenient stay for each guest.

So what are some of the standard amenities you might be interested in when staying at a hotel in Orlando?

Complimentary shuttles. Since so many Orlando hotels are located just minutes away from theme parks, you will find that many of them offer free shuttle transportation. Some Orlando hotels also provide transportation to Orlando International Airport. Be sure to ask about this if you dont have a car with you.

Pools. Most of the hotels have pools. Some even have waterslides. Others have acouple of pools and slides. And youll even find Jacuzzis. What better way to enjoy the Orlando sun than to splash around the hotel pool?

Concierge services. Many local provide customers concierge services. If you need assistance booking dinner reservations, finding the best spa or getting advice on which Orlando theme parks to visit, the concierge can help you out.

Coffeemakers and ironing boards. Most Orlando hotels offer these amenities, this way you can be sure to start your mornings off free of any stress. In addition to coffee makers, many of the hotels in Orlando FL even provide complimentary coffee to guests.

Cleaning services. This is probably a given. Youll find daily maid service and staff members who will assist you with any housekeeping concerns you may have.

Gift shops. At the themed hotels and resorts, youll find themed gift shops. But at most of the area hotels, youll find some kind of Orlando souvenirs.

Dryers and washers. Not all of the local hotels will have washer & dryer units, but some do. And some are even free. This is certainly worth looking intoespecially if you are planning on staying in Orlando for a few days. Also, some hotels offer dry cleaning services.

Lounge and restaurant. Most Orlando hotels have a lounge and restaurant. Some even provide happy hours, complimentary cocktail receptions or complimentary breakfasts.

Fitness centers. Whether its a small gym or a larger fitness center, most hotels in Orlando FL accommodate guests who desire to stay in shape. The facilities are usually free to guests but it never hurts to double check with the hotel before booking your room.

Wake-up phone calls. These are usually offered free of charge.

Each hotel provides unique amenities, but these are the main ones that you will see at each hotel. If you are seeking something specific, do not forget to inquire about it before getting your reservation.

Tips to negotiate cheap hotels deal

It is obvious that most of us look forward to get cheap hotels no matter whether we are on business tour or holiday tour with our family. The main challenge to get budget hotels deal is to know how you can get affordable accommodation without compromising on quality and comfort.

Here are 4 tips on which you can negotiate to find cheap hotels deal and save great during your trips:

Explore local travel websites Often people start their search for cheap hotel rooms from big websites. Big websites offer huge details on hotels of almost every part of the globe. Undoubtedly, this information is indeed very important getting what you want. But often people forget that local travel websites have more budget hotels than what these big websites has to offer. So first start your research from local travel sites instead of global giant travel sites. You may get very cheap hotel rooms with decent travel trip.

Plan Ahead If you are really looking for cheap hotels deal then start early planning. This will give time to find variety of accommodation and the amenities that it has to offer. Compare offers, services, facilities and price. Choose one that fits well. If you are planning urgent business trip then find out various last minute offers that travel websites has to offer.

Negotiate discounts Negotiate for discounts if you are planning to travel in group or planning to stay longer. In such cases you may get some good discounts from the hotels. Some of the hotels offer special packages for people coming from esteemed organization.

Timing for travel season Do not forget to know peak and off season of your travel destination. When you are out for weekends then business class hotels may give your cheap hotel rooms. Otherwise when you plan your stay in holiday vacation hotels during business days then you can save lot from your pocket.