The 5 Most Famous Haunted Hotels In Europe

Europe is the home to marvelous castles, scenic spots and numerous well-known tourist attractions and travelers can find congenial and Discount Hotels to make their vacation in Europe a pleasurable experience. If you are looking for some historic or haunted hotels, you will get them in all countries of Europe to enjoy every moment in their holiday destination.

In England, there are a number of old haunted lodging that can bring a chilling sensation and drive an adventure-seeker into extreme ecstasy. You can select from numerous castles of 12th-century to manor houses of 18th-century each telling the tale of haunted history. If you really want a haunted retreat select from the list of famous haunted hotels in England and avail Cheap Hotel Booking from their online websites.

Ackergill Tower is a castle haunted by Green Lady and built in the 15th-century and located near the Scottish seashore. If you are in a business trip to England and organizing an exclusive event, you will be able to book the entire establishment. You can tantalize your taste buds with their local delicacies that range from seafood to all forms of red meat. For Cheap Hotels Booking, check for person packages that is offered from time to time.

Ballygally Castle Hotel is haunted by Lady Isabella Shaw, the spouse of Lord James Shaw. It was built near the Irish coast in 1625 about 20 miles away from Belfast offering more than 44 bedrooms and have 3 executive suites.

In Germany, Hotel Burg Eisenstein is a famous haunted hotel haunted by the headless dead spirit of a highway robber, Dietrich von Hoeffels. This robber was killed with his nine sons by owner of the castle, Rudolf von Habsburg. You will enjoy all forms of modern amenities at affordable price.

In Italy, the Villa Agostini della Seta of Corliano located in San Giuliano Terme in Pisa is haunted by Teresa della Seta Bocca Gaetani, a very mischievous ghost. If you are an adventure-seeker and wish to drive yourself in extreme ecstasy book your room here and hear the giggles of the ghost and listen to the sound of sudden moving objects and feel a chill sensation run down your spine when you see the ghost run down the passages of this villa.

If you are seeking a haunted hotel in Romania, Decebal Hotel is an ideal choice. You will be thrilled to catch the sight of woman dressed in white gown guarding the antique treasure supposedly located near the Baile Herculane spa in the hotel. For Cheap Hotel Booking, you can check for promotional packages that are offered to their customers from time to time in their website.

A Snap View Of Cheap Hotels In Delhi

Metropolitan cities across the world are always high on travel demand and Delhi is no exception. It is said that the day population almost doubles whether through roads, rail or air The National Capital (of India) is mostly loaded year-round. If you are new to the city and looking for luxury stay in Delhi for economical price range, here is your guide.

There is a mammoth cross-section of cheap hotel services in India and Delhi is no exception. Come to Delhi without planning your stay and you are bound to feel lost amidst the maddening crowd of hotel services in Delhi. Therefore, you must know your options better to feel in place.

Lets begin with where to find a budget hotel in Delhi.
*Near the inter-state bus terminals
*ISBT at Anand Vihar (bordering Ghaziabad),
*ISBT at Kashmere Gate (adjacent Red Fort in Old Delhi) and
*ISBT at Sarai Kale Khan
*Around the railway stations i.e.
*New Delhi railway station behind Connaught Place i.e. Paharganj and Ajmeri Gate areas,
*Old Delhi railway station i.e. Daryaganj, Kashmere Gate and area facing Red Fort and,
*Railway station at Hazrat Nizamuddin.

These are the three main railway stations delegating maximum bulk of rail traffic though; there are others of less importance, of which, one is Okhla a local station on DelhiAgra rail route. Okhla is a huge industrial and commercial area in south of Delhi.

Cheap hotels in Delhi are also available around the airport and main roads, which lead from Delhi and towards Gurgaon i.e. on National Highway (NH-8) and areas including; JNU, Muneerka, Vasant Vihar, Vasant Kunj and Mahipalpur. It is always advisable to reserve ones visit before entering Delhi ad-hoc bookings in busy months (from September to December) can be a tireless pursuit.

Cheap hotels in Delhi are available in the range of; below INR 500 (11 USD), between; INR (500 to 1000) i.e. (11 to 21) USD, between; INR (1000 to 2000) i.e. (21 to 43) USD and between: INR (2000 to 3000) i.e. (43 to 64) USD.

In case of business or work related travel in Delhi, one should opt for cheap hotels in areas closest to work. In case theres none then, one may either raise the budget in the next higher category or change selection area radically i.e. from the point of business area or place of work. First timers should consult travel agents approved by ITDC. A Delhi map can be of great help in such cases.

Foreign travelers may contact Delhi Tourism & Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) for stay in Delhi and outdoor travel packages.

Delhi Police has special guidelines for foreign travelers.

The exquisite comforts in the famous Confortel Hotels

Confortel Hotels are a chain of four star holiday hotels which are owned by the ONCE Business Corporation are spread in a form of 18 franchises throughout the highest cities of Spain. Some of the famous Confortel Hotels are in Madrid, Badajoz, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Malaga, Minorca, Valencia, Huelva, Girona, Seville and Cadiz.

Confortel Hotels are in the industry to provide their service of uniqueness which makes them different form their contenders establishing their own doyennes towards the winning. They are well known in comforting their visitors by offering their comforts and dwelling towards the needs and anticipations increasing their want and importance within the market want by offering exceptional deals. They have an intense commitment to the combination of various features in relations to the global user friendliness, maintaining growth towards developments and molding themselves towards the environment and surrounding processes. They believe in providing a facility that helps in gratifying both the in house working members as well as their clients for whom they strive to serve for. They have a strong team which works towards the improvement of their services trying to reach every client in a personal manner to ensure their performance is up to the levels expected. Confortel Hotels have a flexible package for their clients which makes sure nothing is going incomplete in their service as well as ensure perfect luxury for their visitors and assisting in manner to achieve the best feedback for their further growth and improvement management accessibilities. It is always seen that they manage to generate the best in the industry quality assurances whether in terms of functioning or otherwise revision of their services offered.

These hotels are crafted in manner where the client can be comfortable in their visit of an professional ones or the ones who come for their luxury visit. These chains of hotels have a state of the art craftsmanship interiors as well as the exteriors where in the hotel is made in manner where every gesture an item is minutely looked after may it be about the best banquets or meeting halls with the best in house facilities for meetings for international purpose with amazing buffet offers along with the meeting schedules and a professional touch in every segment when talking in terms of commercial meets. Coming to the luxury segment of the hotel, theses hotels have well maintained wonderful lobbies with a 24 hour concierge service as well as a well-furnished backgrounds and furniture’s with amazingly smoothing paintings to add to the glory of the lobby. The hotels also provide swimming pool, bars, lounge, health care services areas, spas, outdoor games, fine dining restaurants, international gastronomies as well as the authentic natured cuisines. The rooms are well made with cozy ambience leaving an aura of comfort and peace to the traveller and state of art entertaining equipment’s and decently placed furniture’s with a desk as well for some working space. The rooms are also covered with good internet services allowing one to explore its stay.

Information Of Hotel Industry Laws In India – Part2

Tax benefits/ incentives.
.Current projections in budget.

Hotel Industry in India currently has supply of 110,000 rooms and there is a shortage of 150,000 rooms fueling hotel room rates across India. According to estimates demand is going to exceed supply by at least 100% over the next 2 years. To overcome, this shortage Indian hotel industry is adding about 60,000 quality rooms, currently in different stages of planning and development, which should be ready by 2012.

Indias hotel industry comprises of four main categories star hotels, heritage hotels, budget hotels and unclassified hotels. It is expected that the budget and mid-market hotel segment will witness huge growth and expansion while the luxury segment will continue to perform extremely well over the next few years.

It is forecasted to be the number 3 market in the world by 2015 for hospitality and tourism.

The industry is growing at a very rapid pace and there is a demand for more rooms both in metros and smaller towns.

In short, the Indian hospitality industry is poised for tremendous growth as the demand-supply imbalance has prompted several national and international hotel companies to focus their energies towards expansion in India. The next few years will thus witness the opening of several hotels in India.

Regulatory policy

The Ministry of Tourism is the nodal authority & along Dept. of Tourism it is responsible policies promotion & regulation of hospitality industry particular hotels.

The following are the some of important guidelines issued by the Dept. of Tourism.

.Approval of Hotels at Project Stage and Classification & Reclassification of Hotels.
.Guidelines for Classification of Heritage Hotels.
.Time Share Resorts (TSR).
.Stand Alone Restaurants
.Guidelines for apartment hotels.
.Guidelines for approval of Guest Houses.

FDI in this sector is permitted up to 100 per cent on the automatic route. For foreign technology agreements, automatic approval is granted if:-

.Up to 3 per cent of the capital cost of the project is proposed to be paid for technical and consultancy services.

.Up to 3 per cent of the net turnover is payable for franchising and marketing/publicity fee, and

.Up to 10 per cent of gross operating profit is payable for management fee, including incentive fee.


Tax incentives under the current Budget

.Five year holiday from income tax being granted to two, three or four star hotels established in specified districts having UNESCO-declared ‘World Heritage Sites’; the hotel should be constructed and start functioning during the period April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2013.

.FBT exempted on crche, employee sports, guest houses facilities.

.No specific projections for this sector under the Current Budget.


The thriving economy and increased business opportunities especially growth in the tourism in India have acted as a boon for Indian hotel industry.

The future scenario of Indian hotel industry looks extremely rosy. It is expected that the budget and mid-market hotel segment will witness huge growth and expansion while the luxury segment will continue to perform extremely well over the next few years.

Life at its best in luxury hotels Chicago

If youre on a business trip in Chicago and you need a place to go to the luxury hotels Chicago should be your pick! There are vast choices of these hotels all around Chicago; each giving you the most relaxing and satisfying stay.

As a metropolitan city, Chicago also offers a lot of lakes and parks for you to visit. But mostly, people who come here are in business trips or corporate seminars. In late 2008, the city attracted over 30 million travelers and has contributed to the already progressive economy of Chicago.

Chicago is also famous for its crowded shopping centers, energetic night life, and breathtaking architectures. So youre stay at a multiplex here will not be boring s there are many pplaces that you can go to.

These luxury hotels Chicago will surely help you unwind and remove some stress after a days full or hard work. These hotels also provide you with recreational activities or various means of pampering like spas, Jacuzzis, and soothing massages.

The hotels designs are absolutely stylish and special. Some of their exclusive services include 24 hour room service, WiFi connection, VIP treatments, and appetizing cuisines. The only thing youll have to do is choose from Chicagos wide array of five star hotels and any choice would absolutely give you comfort.

The following are just some of the luxurious hotels that you can find here in Chicago:

The Ritz Carlton Hotel. This has been one of the most top rated hotels in the world. It provides you with the best luxury that you can think of while giving you the perfect place to relax. This is also the place to go to as it offers a nice overview of some of the citys parts and they have just recently renovated their suites and guest rooms.

The Peninsula hotel, considered as one of the most luxurious hotels ever in existence, is the place where you will be treated as a royalty. There are four different restaurants here to satisfy your hunger and they have also added a bar to burn up some free time. The hotel has over 300 luxurious suites that are each armed with modern amenities to suit your taste. This is wisely situated near the airport and various other attractions, so having fun is just a stones throw away.

After a days stress in the city, youd surely want to get pampered by one of these luxury hotels Chicago. They will always make sure that you are given the service that you always deserve; all of these while admiring the beauty of the city.

So start the escapade and rent a room in one of Chicagos deluxe hotels and youll sure to hang around for a while.