FDI in retail

FDI is investment which occurs directly across national boundaries. It means when firm of one country buys a controlling investment in firm of another country or where a firm sets up its branch in another country. A firm that engages itself in FDI becomes a multinational enterprise (MNE).

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is important because it gives facility to make investments in long-term profits which are in long-term projects working in other countries. The investment is done directly by foreign investors which can be any company or a group of persons who are looking for power in excess of the foreign ventures. It is also a major source of finance where the country can obtain finance from other countries to develop itself. f.

Recently, the government announces that the retail sector is partially opened for FDI. It means the foreign investors who are interested in Indian markets can invest up to 51% in multi brand retail and 74% FDI in single-brand retail. The government decision divided experts on the problem and on its prospects. Some says the decision will decrease opportunities, and will result in wipe out of local stores. The optimists, on the other hand, have seen decision as a large range of opportunities for farm products and more opportunities for the unemployed.

FDI provide benefits to small farmers by working together to form producer companies which will directly work with corporations to get higher revenues, or small farmers must willingly move into the new jobs directly or indirectly created by FDI in sectors such as retail, food processing and supporting industries.

The FDI offers a foreign capital and funds. It also extends an economy of a particular country where the investment is being made. It permits the move of highly developed technologies from developed countries to developing countries which helps in creating fresh jobs in a particular country and in turn the salary of the employee increases. The country where investment is done increases its human capital resource. It also brings new skills in a country & possibility of innovative research increases which helps in the growth of the country.

Now, global retailers are willing to sell their products by setting their own branch or franchises in another country which will again attract foreign capital along with better quality products in a large variety and advance services for the consumers and even consumers will get access of some global brands. This will in turn increase competition in the country and expands manufacturing units. To stand in a market, these global retailers have to lower their prices of foreign goods which need them to set up their manufacturing units locally or to handover the production assignments to domestic manufacturers on their specifications which brings a large number of employments in the country.

All this opportunities make, the Indian retail market a real happening place in the days ahead while at the same time it will be offering immense business opportunities and growth to the domestic entrepreneurs. In result, the Indian market will become the part of the global market.

Vancouver Hotels and Whistler Resorts

Vancouver, Canada is rated as one of the most desirable places in the world to visit. Nearly every conceivable kind of sporting or recreational activity is available for you to participate in within the greater Vancouver area. From skiing in Whistler Resorts, to sailing in summer, you’ll enjoy beautiful mountain backdrops and fresh air that just never stops.

Flying into and out of Vancouver Airport is another special scenic experience so make sure you have a window seat on your plane. The Vancouver Airport is located in the south end of the city and you’ll most likely be traveling over several huge bridges to arrive at your downtown Vancouver hotel. Downtown Vancouver is located on an area of land that is a lot like an island, and there’s two spectacular suspension bridges that act as the gateways to it. Hilly downtown Vancouver will remind you a little of San Francisco, California and the people here have a breezy, relaxed manner that makes you aware that the North American coast has its own cultural style.

Vancouver Hotels provides easy access to many attractions, services, and recreation. Some of the more popular tourist attractions are Stanley Park, where you can walk completely around the circumference of the park for excellent views of Vancouver. The Vancouver aquarium has a large display of fish and the star of their show, the killer whales. The waters off of Vancouver are known for their killer whales and you can take charter tours to see them in their natural habitat.

The Capillano suspension bridge is a major draw. Its vast span is an exciting and slightly scary walk high above a ravine just below Vancouvers fresh water reservoir. Grouse Mountain is an 8,000 foot mountain just to the west of the city. You can take a 35 person capacity cable car ride to the top or for the adventurous; you can actually walk the paths up to the mountaintop. A very popular skiing facility operates there in the winter.

If you’re into hiking and mountain biking, the Vancouver area may provide the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. The city itself has numerous interesting trails and if you take the sea to sky highway up into the mountains, you’ll follow unbelievably beautiful views of the Squamish valley and sound. These waters with the mountains in the background have spawned a unique form of native art that continues to be popular today.

A one hour drive from your downtown Vancouver Hotel leads you to Whistler and Blackcomb, two side by side towns with their own mountains. Whistler Resort is a village at the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain. There are plenty of hotels in this area including Delta Whistler Resort, and they are opulent. Whistler is one of North America’s top ski resort destinations and during the summer it is a haven for mountain bikers. Competitions and festivals are held during the summer. It is a lot of fun to stay in Whistler BC.

The BCE Place is the Vancouver Harbor cruise ship terminal where huge ocean going vessels dock on the journeys up and down the Pacific coast. While in your hotel room or high on any of the hills in Vancouver you’ll be able to watch ships going in and out of the waterways and under the bridges. You’ll also see Sea planes land and take off in the harbor from your Vancouver BC Hotel. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan place, but just outside the city limits is a rugged wilderness that is not easily accessible. Nature is all around this beautiful Canadian city and you won’t be disappointed with your vacation in Vancouver BC.

Top 5 Hotels With Underwater Rooms

Fancy spending a luxury holiday in a room with a view? How about an underwater room? With the establishment of the following luxury resorts, your dreams have been made a reality. Welcome to the modern age, where anything is possible. These are our Top 5 destinations around the world with underwater rooms.

1. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives
For the ultimate in relaxing vacations, Huvafen Fushi resort offers 43 overwater bungalows decorated in sleek lines and minimalist colours.

In 2004 the hotel owners took this concept to a whole new level and constructed two underwater treatment rooms for Huvafen Fushi’s Lime Spa. These treatment rooms reflect the spa’s philosophy, that ‘water is the equilibrium and elixir of life.’ The spa complex is laid out in a series of bungalows, with the underwater rooms accessible via a staircase.

If you can’t manage to get a reservation, don’t panic. Huvafen Fushi’s other spa-treatment rooms have glass-bottomed floors so you can still gaze off into the deep.

2. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo
The Jules’ Undersea Lodge, named for science fiction author Jules Verne, is the only undersea hotel currently in existence. To enter the lodge, guests must scuba dive 21 feet beneath the surface, swimming past all manner of marine life on their way.

This destination is aimed at avid scuba divers. Thus, the decor focuses on functionality, as opposed to extravagance. There are two guest rooms and a common room which doubles as a galley, dining and entertainment area.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the underwater rooms, but for something a little bit extra, guests can request the services of a “mer-chef” who dives down to the hotel to prepare and serve a gourmet dinner.

3. The Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa
The Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa is spread over two islands and is famed for its overwater villas, each a massive 1,600 square feet in size and featuring their own private sun decks and outdoor Jacuzzis. Also available are spa villas, which have their own private treatment room with sea views.

But to truly experience the treasures of the deep guests can book a table at Ithaa, an all-glass, underwater restaurant. Ithaa is situated five metres below sea level. Diners enter from an overwater platform so they never even get their feet wet. The room has a domed glass ceiling and 180 degrees views of the sea, with accommodation for 12 diners.

To cap off a truly aquatic experience guests can head to the spa, which is built on stilts 110 yards out to sea.

4. Hydropolis, Dubai
Scheduled for completion late 2009, Hydropolis will be the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. Architect Joachim Hauser’s futuristic vision is taking shape 20 metres below the surface of the Persian Gulf, just off the Jumeirah Beach coastline in Dubai.

The original idea for Hydropolis developed out of the architect’s passion for the sea. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares.

This undersea resort even features a children’s SeaWorld.

5. Atlantis the Palm, Dubai
Today, the Atlantis holds the prime spot on the outer rim of the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island that juts from the coast of Dubai.

The 1539-room Atlantis consists of two towers, a conference centre, a spa, a private beach and the water park. Taking the mythological sunken island of Atlantis as its theme the resort aims for the wow factor right from the start, with terraced water gardens at the entry and an ornate, high-vaulted lobby.

The Neptune and Poseidon suites, which face that three-story aquarium, have private floor-to-ceiling underwater views from the bedrooms. If guests are unable to tear themselves away from watching the 65,000 marine animals, a 24-hour private butler is available to serve refreshments.

Then there are the Lost Chambers Suites – with bed and bath views directly into the underwater world of the Ambassador Lagoon.

New York Hotels – Where Style Meets Elegance

Looking forward to a stay in New York hotels? With the best in luxury hotels available across New York, you can enjoy a hotel stay in utmost comfort.

Exploring Options

As a prominent city of America, New York is a leading name among tourist hot spots. Each year, many people head toward New York from all over the world. There are many New York hotels offering comfortable accommodation in several prime locations across the city. Hotels in New York are usually categorized on the basis of location into the following:

* Staten Island Hotels,
* Queens Hotels,
* Brooklyn Hotels,
* Times Square Hotels,
* Long Island Hotels,
* Bronx Hotels, and
* Airport Hotels.

Offering the best in services and ambience, New York hotels are at par with the leading hotels anywhere in the world.

Getting To Know The City

With the Internet connecting the entire world into a single web, information on almost any subject is available at the click of a mouse button. For the people interested in New York and all that the city has to offer, there are many websites available today offering a host of information. Prominent websites pertaining to New York provide the details regarding hotel accommodation in the city as well as offer information on major attractions as well. Today, there are many well-maintained websites offering a great deal of information on luxury hotels in New York. Along with the information on New York City hotels, these websites also provide details on various other aspects of the city, including information on the following:

1.New York restaurants or NYC restaurants which include many prominent names such as The View, Pastis, Four Seasons, Per Se New York, Nobu, Union Square Cafe, Tao, Le Bernadin;
2.New York shows, also referred to as New York broadway shows, which include shows such as Come Fly Away, Wicked, West Side Story, In The Heights, A Little Night Music;
3.New York tours such as Liberty Helicopter Tours, Circle Line Tours, Grand Central Tours;
4.New York attractions that include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Times Square;
5.Famous New York clubs such as Stanton Public, Pacha New York, Cielo, Club Quo;
6.Prominent New York stores which include Fendi, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Armani New York; and
7.New York city spas such as Tribeca Spa, La Peau Spa, Spa Ja, Great Jones Spa.

Leading websites offer comprehensive and well-researched information on almost every facet of life in New York.

When Only The Best Will Do

Accommodation in any of the luxury New York hotels can easily be sought online. A great many websites offer information on all types of hotels available throughout the city. Among the prominent hotels in New York are The Mandarin, Four Seasons Hotel, The Ritz, Carlyle Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, The London NYC, and many others.

Surveying the options available on the Internet is a good way to decide upon the most appropriate New York hotels for your individual requirements. With many websites offering information on almost everything related to New York, planning for a trip to New York – either for business or for pleasure – is a pleasurable experience devoid of unnecessary hassles.

Pune Hotels An Overview Of The Hotels In Pune

Pune is known as the Oxford of the East and it is situated on the banks of the river Mula and Mutha. It is the eighth largest city of India and second largest city in Maharashtra. There are large number of reputed colleges and universities in Pune.
Pune city is a major commercial centre which has a large number of businessmen, students and leisure tourists making frequent visits to the city. It has resulted in remarkable increase in number of hotels in Pune.

There are different varieties of hotels that are available in Pune. They are available in wide range and serve various purposes. They are five star hotels, four star hotels, three star hotels, heritage hotels, service apartments and budget hotels. They provide services such as online booking which provide you information about the entire hotel before booking them.

You can take a decision based on the information provided online for the best hotels in Pune based on your requirements and preferences. It will also provide you information about the most preferred hotels and reviews about them which will make it easier for you to take the decision of opting for the best hotels in Pune. You should also take care to book the hotel in Pune in advance to avoid the last minute chaos and disappointment.

The five star hotels in Pune are an ideal choice for businessmen and travelers. There are many finest luxury five star hotels in Pune. These hotels offer world class amenities and accommodation. Another contributing factor for the rise of hospitality industry is the tourism in the county.

The facilities that are available in the rooms of Pune hotels are twenty four hour room service, AC, hot water and cold water bathtub attached bathrooms, mini bar tea/ coffee makers and international dialing.

Majority of the hotels in Pune offer the facility of dinning. In case of budget hotels in Pune, some have restaurants in the hotel itself. If the hotel doesn”t have one then you can opt for eateries outside. It is the most happening city and many hotels have night clubs within its premises.

There are many service apartments also that are available in Pune, India. These apartments are fully furnished and all the basic amenities that are available in your home. These apartments are ideally a good choice for corporate clients who have to stay in the city for long periods for business purposes. These apartments offer lavish and secured accommodations.